DIY Beauty Coconut Care for the Summer

Summer is already here! Are you already planning for your boat-trips, camping and beach holidays? You might also want to start pampering your skin so that you look radiant in your bikini.

Your skin is your body’s largest and fastest growing organ. Since your skin is porous, it absorbs whatever you put onto it. So whether it is your moisturizer or mosquito spray, your skin is absorbing these ingredients directly or indirectly (including any harsh and harmful chemicals!) That is why we encourage you to go natural by making your own skin care products.

Benefits of DIY Skin Care

  • Toxic free – you can control whatever you put inside, i.e. no harmful chemicals or colourants
  • Preservative-free – you can always make small batches and consume within a short time, i.e. no need for preservatives
  • Tailor-made for you – can be customized according to your skin conditions
  • Unique blend of aroma – you can customize with your own choice of aroma
  • Less likely to cause allergy – since you have control of whatever you put inside your skincare, you can avoid any potential ingredients that will cause skin allergy

Here we have prepared some DIY recipes which you would need for your perfect summer.

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