About Us

Founded in 2011, One Organic was established in response to the declining state of the environment and its people.

We recognized that people are averse to change, even if that change is good for them.

We saw that our role is to supply good, healthy, organic alternatives to the existing products people already use, making a healthy lifestyle easy to achieve.

We carefully select each product in our line. We offer exceptional product quality at reasonable prices, a we believe everyone should have the opportunity to access high grade products, like ours.

One Organic is certified organic by USDA and EU.


Our Goal: to heal our planet and its people.

Yes, its that simple.

We are passionate

about achieving our goal by seeking to provide exceptional organic alternatives for essential items you already use.

By choosing to buy organic,

you choose to heal the land by encouraging farmers to stop using chemicals and pesticides, which harm the land and people who consume them.